Chapter 6




1.  What did the children who became Sevens


 get at the ceremony?



They got a front-buttoned jacket.






2.  Why wasn’t Gabriel at the Naming?



He was granted an additional year of



nurturing before his Naming and Placement,



so he's back at the Nurturing Center.







3.  What was the Ceremony of Loss?



They murmur the name of the lost (Caleb) an



entire day, less and less frequently and softer



in volume, until it fades gradually from



everyone's consciousness.






4.  Where do the members of the community



 believe those who are released go?



They go Elsewhere.









5.  What happens to Tens and Elevens at the







The Tens have their hair cut. The Elevens get



new clothing: different undergarments for



females and longer trousers for the males.






6.  How do people get spouses and children?





An adult must first apply for a spouse. The



Committee of Elders match them because the



spouses must balance each other.  Three



years later, they can apply for children.







Chapter 7


1.  What is Jonas’ number? 19  How are they


 assigned numbers?




 In order of birth; Jonas was the 19th to be







2.  How were small children punished? by



smacks with a discipline wand: one quick



smack across the hands for a minor offense



and three sharper smacks on the bare legs



for a second offense.





3.  What is Asher’s assignment?



Assistant Director of Recreation





4.  Explain what is meant by “Thank you for



 your childhood.”  p.56



It means that they're not children anymore;



 they will start training for their adult job.





5.  Why do you think Jonas was skipped?



Answers may vary.




Chapter 8


1.  What is the difference between “assigned”




 and “selected”?



The Committee of Elders assigns a job after



careful observation and continues to observe



the Twelves during the training; if a behaviour



needs to be changed, they can modify it.



Jonas was selected; he was chosen. The



Committee cannot make a mistake in their



choice because the Receiver can't be



observed during his training.




2.  What is Jonas selected to do?


Receiver of Memory.


3.  What qualities does Jonas have that will


 help him in his assignment?  


Intelligence, integrity, courage, brave, wisdom


and the Capacity to see Beyond.





4.  What is “the capacity to see beyond”?



The capacity to see things change.




Chapter 9


1.  In this chapter, Jonas receives his rules.



  What does he think of each rule?



* When he leaves school, he must go directly



 to the Annex and when his training is



 finished,he must go directly to his house.



 Reaction: no time for recreation!!  what will



 happen to friendship?




* he can be rude; can ask any question he






Reaction: it never came to his mind he could



 be rude because he's accustomed to







* He's not allowed to discuss his training.




*He's prohibited of dream-telling.



Reaction: he's glad to be excused form it.





* He can't apply for medication if it is related to




the training; if not related to, he can ask for it.




Reaction: he's relieved that he can ask for it.





* He can't apply for release.



Reaction: none




* He may lie.



Reaction: What if Twelves all received the


same rule?  How can one know if the answer


is true??





Chapter 10




1.  How is Jonas treated by the secretary?



 With respect. She stood to welcome him.





2.  What is different at the Receiver’s home? 



(whole chapter)







3.  What is the Giver’s job?



The Giver holds the memories of the whole






What must he give Jonas?


He must transmit these memories to Jonas






Page 78, what does this mean: “I am so



weighted with them.”?



 He is burdened by them. They are hard for


 him to support (memories of pain, suffering,


 war, love..)